Company policy


Quality Management, Foodstuffs and Fodder Security

We guarantee the highest level of consumer protection and foodstuff and fodder security through our high quality standards. We track the customer’s wishes in near-real-time and are available to our customers with trained specialists and short communications routes.

The implementation of this policy is supported by our management system. In the area of foodstuffs we are certified according to IFS (International Featured Standards). Our fodders are subject to the strict rules of the GMP+ Standards.

Our production- and working processes are prooved and certified by regularly internal and external audits.


Download all latest certificates here:

REDCert certificate

GMP+ B1 certificate

IFS (International Featured Standards) certificate

Kosher certificate

Halal certificate

Environment management14001:2004 certificate

Energy management 50001:2011 certificate

Sustainable Foods and Animal Fodder

In order to manufacture our products with an eye to sustainability, we use sustainably produced raw materials primarily from Germany and Europe. We strive to protect the environment with continuous improvement of our production processes. A milestone in this is the obtaining of an energy and environmental certification.

Biomass Electricity and Bio-Fuel Sustainability

With our sustainability certificate we demonstrate our compliance with the Biomass Electricity Sustainability Ordinance (German abbreviation: BioSt-NachV) and Bio-Fuel Sustainability Ordinance (German abbreviation: Biokraft-NachV).
Additionally we supply technical oils corresponding to the requests of the customers.

Ethical Principles

We orient ourselves to implementation of ethical principles of the codes of conduct of the ETI (Basic code), BSCI (Code of Conduct) as well as SAI (Standard SA8000:2008).

Social Responsibility

Power Oil Rostock GmbH and its employers work with great dedication for the company to have a positive effect on society and its environment.


Energy and Environmental Policy

We carry out our business activity such that it promotes the quality of the environment. An effort is especially made to reduce energy-consumption over the long-term. In order to achieve these goals, Power Oil Rostock GmbH pledges:

 to advance in continuous improvement of its management system as well as in all environmental matters and energy-related questions, in sustainable development through using environmental management principles, key figures and risk assessments;

to monitor and develop production and supporting processes with respect to a continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the energy-related performance;

 to comply with environmental laws and requirements from plant permitting, which apply to the processes, products and services;

 to foster and support employee training in the area of environmental management, respect for the environment and responsibility for the environment; a component of the training is also the careful use of energy;

to measure and assess environmental compatibility and energy intensity of procedures, products and services at the site;

to demonstrate social responsibility by attempting to address the needs of the field with respect to environmental protection and promote responsible use of natural resources;

 within the framework of the technical possibilities and if economically justified, to search for opportunities to save energy in procedures, products and services, prevent pollution, minimise waste, re-use old materials or recycle;

to provide the needed resources for improvement of energy output;

to assess the improvements achieved with respect to efficient use of energy and achievement of other environmental goals annually and to update the objectives based on the results and define new goals.