The oil mill operated by Power Oil Rostock GmbH presses and extracts rapeseed oil from rapeseed. Rapeseed extract meal is generated as a by-product.

Our purified and de-gummed rapeseed oil is used as a fodder oil, for example for fish cultures and other types of animals. It is also used as a technical oil in bio-diesel production. The delivery to our large customers is done via tanker truck, rail Transport or ship.

To extract  cooking oil, undesirable odorants, flavourings and dyes are removed from the pressed and extracted rapeseed oil in several gentle production steps. The result is, from a nutritional point of view, a high-grade, easily digestible, taste-neutral and versatile cooking oil.

This rapeseed-cooking oil is delivered to our customers in the foods industry and trade in tanker trucks, IBCs as well as in canisters and Bag-in-Boxes. Additionally we offer mixed rapeseed oil as a frying oil as well as butter-flavoured rapeseed oil. Along with our own brand PORA, we fill all oils individually for our wholesale customers.

Our high-quality rapeseed extraction meal is very popular among producers of mixed fodder due to ist good quality and its low susceptibility to microbial infestation. Thanks to the exclusive processing of rapeseed varieties that are low in erucic acid, which at the same time have a low glucosinolate content, it is extremely well-suited for animal feed. It is primarily delivered by ship but also by truck.

Cooking Oil

Food-grade oils in top-quality for the foods industry and trade

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil for sustainable mobility.

Animal Feedstuff

Coarse post-extraction rapeseed meal and rapeseed oil for high-grade animal feeds.